City’s Body Writing looks at the relationship between body and public space as process of catalysing political/social tension present in the complex reality of contemporary cities in Brazil and UK, in order to promote urban collective awareness. 

We develop a series of labs to discuss and create public spaces performances around the subjects “City of Exchanges”; “Poetics of Everyday life” ,”Memory and City” and city as an expanded field of art what includes urban expressions as gratify, street dance, recycling art and crafts. 

Promoting ways of connecting peoples subjectivity to urban spaces is our ultimate goal, therefore every aspect of urban life is observed as a potential source to inform creative technologies of the self in the city.  

We understand that subjectivity is a performative power, or the possibility of life to be constantly invented and re-invented. The Urban life is all the time exposing creative practices of everyday life, in which people adapt and transform the city environment to attain states of wellbeing and happiness. The expression of a physical thinking in the city is also an expression of how do people create technologies to be part of the city collaborative process. Grasping this information to generate performances, choreographies, poetry is the most important part of our investigation.


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